Clear Beyond Interconnect



Since the release of the Clear product line in 2008, we have been asked when George would design an interconnect to accompany our flagship, Clear Beyond Speaker. This past January, at CES, we announced that Clear Beyond Interconnect would be here by the end of the year.

Much of the R&D had already been done by that point, however "Project Clear Beyond Interconnect" really took off following CES 2016. Much of this year has been filled with the construction and testing of prototypes.

At long last, Clear Beyond Interconnect is here - and it is awesome.

Technical questions about Clear Beyond Interconnect? Cardas tech expert Brian Von Bork can be reached by email or phone.

For the official page for Clear Beyond Interconnect on, click here.

Clear Beyond features our most advanced line-level conductors, constructed of ultra-pure Cardas copper, scaled to the Golden Ratio. Each strand is insulated from the others with a special enamel coating. 

Arranged in a star-quad geometry and suspended by carbon impregnated air-tubes, the conductor core is double-shielded using a proprietary combination of both plated and bare copper, and includes a pair of Litz drain wires.

As with the rest of the Clear product line, Clear Beyond Interconnect uses Matched Propagation technology, in which the propagation rate of the copper strands is matched to that of the dielectric.  The subject of George Cardas' 2008 patent (US Patent 7,674,973), this conductor technology keeps the signal intact and intelligible without the use of load coils or networks, solving an age old problem dating back to the first transmission lines.

Clear Beyond Interconnect takes Matched Propagation further than ever before, with meticulous attention paid to every detail of the braiding stage of construction, and a no-compromise approach to dielectric choices.  No Cardas interconnect is as demanding to build, and thus Clear Beyond Interconnect is built in small quantities, to ensure consistent quality.


Clear Beyond Interconnect's advanced air-tube suspension and shielding results in an outside diameter of 13mm.  This necessitates the use of a special adapter to fit our legendary SRCA for single-ended terminations, and a redesigned CG XLR for balanced cables.

The ultra-fine copper strands in the Clear Beyond conductors, built up around a center core of Kevlar yarn, require the expert hands & eyes of our most experienced terminators. 

Each pair of Clear Beyond Interconnect is hand terminated at our factory in Bandon, Oregon, and subject to a battery of tests and measurements.

Matched Propagation conductors match the speed of the conductor to the propagation rate of the dielectric material.  This is done by selecting dielectrics with the most advantageous electrical properties, and braiding each layer of the conductor with very specific pitch and lay length specifications. 

The audible benefits of Matched Propagation technology are due to the signal remaining intact, never getting out of time with the dielectric.  This is a graceful "in-cable" solution to a problem that has plagued analog audio transmission lines since the early days of the telephone. 

Improving upon the spectacular performance of Clear Interconnect, Clear Beyond combines the famous Cardas musicality with a wider, taller sound stage, deeper bass, and increased dynamics.  Everything just gets bigger and better, as a cable carrying the name "Beyond" should.

High Resolution Images

Clear Beyond Interconnect images, including PSD and jpg files, can be found at this link.