Golden Capacitors

Cardas Golden Ratio Capacitors feature two Golden Proportioned dielectric layers, separated by a metallic coating, which produces "Retained Energy Scaling". The amount and rate of energy released is split between the two dielectric receptacles in proportion to their constants.

This composite dielectric eliminates the resonant signature of monolithic dielectric and provides constrained layer damping.

Cardas Golden Caps embody the same magic that lives in Cardas cables. Golden Ratio construction yields a smoother, more musical capacitor, without a sacrifice in resolution.

Golden Capacitors are available with Cardas 19.5 awg
chassis wire, or tinned copper leads.

Available values

Golden Capacitors with 19.5 awg Cardas chassis wire leads are available in the following values:

0.0082 MFD

0.01 MFD

0.1 MFD

0.22 MFD

0.33 MFD

0.47 MFD

4.7 MFD

Golden Capacitors with tinned copper leads are available in the following values:

0.01 MFD

0.015 MFD

0.022 MFD

0.1 MFD

Other values may be produced upon request. Minimum order quantities and long lead times apply.

All capacitors rated 25-600 V, all values +/- 5%