Johnny Kallas

Twenty-Five Miles to Barstow, Part I

April 26, 1992, Hill Auditorium, Ontario, California USA.

Side One

  1. Oh My My: Johnny Kallas
  2. Stormy Week: Johnny Kallas
  3. Auctioneer: Johnny Kallas
  4. Eight Hours a Day: Johnny Kallas
  5. Backache Blues: Johnny Kallas

Side Two

  1. Fire and Steele: Johnny Kallas
  2. Wide Glides: Johnny Kallas
  3. Superfriends: Johnny Kallas

Lead vocals, guitar: Johnny Kallas
Solo guitar, vocals: Kip Dobler
Vocals: Sunshine Glidden
Congas, percussion: Luis Valdez
Guital tuning: Jim King

Produced by: Jim Hadley
Co-Produced by: Mary Cardas
Engineering: George Cardas
Cover design: Robert Graham
Photography: William Myerchin
Tape editing: Bruce Bishop
Mastering: Dough Saxs, Mastering Lab, Hollywood, California USA

Microphone: Cardas Differential Microphone
Cable: Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C Tape: Studer A-80, half-inch