Nautilus Power Strip

Pure power distribution.

No current limiting components.

The Nautilus US features the renowned Cardas 4181US outlets; The Nautilus EU features the all-new Cardas 4181EU Schuko. Each outlet in The Nautilus is equally capable of delivering the clean power your audio equipment requires, from high-current amplifiers to sensitive front-end components.

Point-to-Point wiring with 10 & 11.5 AWG, Cardas Ultra Pure Grade 1 Copper. RFI/EMI protection on every outlet, and a star-ground design terminating to a 1 kilogram pure copper Earth plate.

Cardas Ground Wires are a great accessory for getting the most from your Nautilus Power Strip.

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Some Nautilus owners asked if were going to offer ground-isolation footers for the Nautilus. We decided to design a simple two-piece stand that can be 3D printed, and offer the STL file so people can make it themselves. Download the STL file here, and check out a time lapse of the print below: