Information For Owners of
New Cardas Cables.

Thank you for purchasing Cardas cables.

These cables should provide you with a lifetime of listening enjoyment.

This page provides information for new owners of Cardas cables.


Look at the text on the cable's jacket, and imagine the signal flowing through the cable in the same direction that the text reads. If you are holding a Cardas cable with both hands, reading the text from left to right, your left hand is holding the end that should plug into the source (ie your turntable), and your right hand is holding the output end, which should plug into your pre-amp, receiver, power amp, speaker, etc..

Click to see full-size image of installation graphic.

Breaking in new cables

All cables need a break-in and warm-up period. We generally suggest a 100 hour break-in period.

Click here for more information about cable break-in.

Room Setup

Room setup is one of the most significant factors affecting the sound of your system. Our website's Room Setup Guide is one of the most comprehensive collections of setup information on the web. For the Cardas Room & System Setup Guides, click here.


Cardas Audio provides a limited, lifetime warranty on all of our cables, to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing. If you have a cable in need of service - warranty or otherwise - please click here to fill out our Return Authorization Form.