Quadlink Interconnect

After many years in our product lineup, Quadlink Interconnect is being retired. George Cardas has designed an excellent replacement, Parsec, which is now available. Parsec delivers the best of Quadlink, with better imaging, transparency and dynamics. Click here for Parsec Interconnect.

Technical Specifications:

.375" O.D., PFA & Air dielectric, double shielded, ferrite choke on output end. Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, Pure Copper Litz Conductors.

Termination Options:

Quadlink is terminated with Cardas silver/rhodium plated GRMO RCA plugs, or Neutrik XLRs.

Click here for a list of all legacy cables.

Availability: Quadlink is in limited supply. It has been replaced in our product line by the all new Parsec Interconnect, a cable that delivers the warmth of Quadlink, with greater resolution, enhanced by the use of Matched Propagation Conductors.