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Cardas Cable Packaging - Classic

A customer in Washington DC recently sent in a pair of Hexlink-Five interconnects for service. The cables are not only in like-new condition, but he even included the original documentation with which they were packaged, including the product insert and break-in guide. These cables and associated documents date back at least 22 years.

We took the opportunity to scan the documents, and provide them here for the sake of honoring Cardas history.

The product insert is filled out for a 1 meter Hexlink-Five interconnect. You can see from the list of options how few cable models we offered back then.

The back side of the product insert shows a variety of photos of George engineering recording sessions at the Claremont College auditorium, and inspecting an LP master.

The address listed on both of these documents is from the original Cardas shop, just after moving out of George's own garage in Ontario, CA. Not long after this period, George relocated Cardas Audio, and many of its original empoyees, to Bandon, Oregon.

Product Insert (front)

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Product Insert (back)

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Break-In Guide (front)

Break-In Guide (inside)

Break-In Guide (back)