Cardas Service & Support

Product Support

Our tech-support expert, Brian Von Bork, has been in the high-end audio industry for over 20 years, with many of those years here at Cardas Audio. As a lifelong audiophile, Brian has a wealth of information not only about Cardas cables and parts, but about high end audio equipment of all sorts. Brian is available weekdays, 9AM - 5PM, PST, at 541-347-2484, by email at, or use our contact form:

Re-Termination & Repair

Before sending in your cables for any sort of service, including warranty repair, re-termination, please obtain a Return Authorization Number by clicking here:

In-Depth Reading About Cardas

For a deeper understanding of Cardas cables, and the materials, design & technology we use, please click here for the 'Insights' section of our website..