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Cables Arranged By Product Line

Each product line contains a variety of cables (speaker, interconnect, power, etc.) that are designed to perform at a similar level. For example, the Clear Beyond product line contains our highest performance speaker, power, and interconnect cables. The Iridium product line contains some of  our most economical cables.   By clicking on the buttons below, you'll see all of a product line's cables listed on a single page.

button - beyond.png

Clear Beyond

Our Highest Performing Cables

button se9.png

Clear SE9 MP

Clear Performance For
Single Ended Tube Amps

button - clear.png


No Compromise Design
and construction

button - sky.png

Clear Sky

Our Most Economical Cables
To Feature Our Finest Tech

button - crosslink.png


Cables For Small 2-Channel Stereos & AV Systems

button - reflection.png

Clear Reflection

Flagship Performance For
Real World Systems

button - parsec.png


Classic Cardas Designs With
Our Latest Conductor Tech

button - cygnus.png

Clear Cygnus

Benefitting From Design
Principles of Clear & Beyond

button - iridium.png


Affordable Performance
Suitable For Any System

button - 101.png

101 Speaker

Entry Level Speaker Cable
Available Terminated Or Raw

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