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High Quality Solutions To Connectivity Issues


We make nearly any audio adapter for which connectors exist. Our most popular are RCA/XLR adapters. However we make many other varieties.

Since our adapters are made to order, custom wiring configurations are always possible.

Our standard adapters use Cardas connectors when possible, mated with Neutrik XLRs. Our premium Clear adapters use all-Cardas parts.

Pro-Tip: Adaptors are a temporary solution.










A note about adaptors: We make very high quality adapters. Perhaps the best available. But avoiding the use of adapters is always preferable to using the best adapter in the world. Adapters are best employed as a temporary solution. If your permanent setup requires an adapter, consider instead using a cable that does the adaptation, such as an RCA to XLR interconnect, or having your cables re-terminated to suit your new setup. Never use an adapter when one isn't 100% necessary.

Any Cardas interconnect cable can be ordered with XLR on one end, and RCA on the other! Or an existing Cardas interconnect  can be re-terminated in this way!

A note regarding XLR/RCA adapters wiring: With female XLR to female RCA adapters, pins 1 & 3 are not shorted. All other configurations (male XLR to female RCA, etc.) have pins 1 & 3 shorted unless otherwise requested

Below is a list of our most commonly requested adapters. If you don't see what you're looking for in the list, we can probably make it anyway. As long as the connectors exists, Cardas can make an adapter out of them. Just inquire with our tech support team.


Adapter Part numbers:

P42.3 for Clear Female RCA to Male XLR

P42.2 for Clear Female RCA to Female XLR

P42.76 for Clear Male RCA to Male XLR

P42.65 for Clear Male RCA to Female XLR

P42.7 for standard Female RCA to Male XLR

P42.5 for standard Female RCA to Female XLR

P42.16 for standard Male RCA to Female XLR

P42.18 for standard Male RCA to Male XLR

P42.8 for Female RCA to 1/4" phone plug 

P42.73 for Female 1/8" TRS to Male TRS (single)

P42.39 for Female RCA to Male BNC (single)

P40.9 for Spade To Banana (single positive & negative unit)

P35.32 for Banana To 1/4" (6mm) Spade (pack of 4)

P35.31 for Banana to 9mm Spade (pack of 4)

P8.8 for HPI-A Headphone 1/4" Female to 1/8" Male

Any Cardas dealer can order any Cardas adaptor for you, even if it isn't shown on their website, or in stock in their store.

Scroll through images of our adapters:

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