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Bob Graham for wix 2.png

Bob Graham was Cardas Audio's first graphic designer and marketing director. He created our legendary Nautilus logo, and all of our magazine advertisements from the late 1980's through 2012.

Bob and George Cardas worked together long before the founding of the company, with Bob designing the logo and advertisements for Cardas Racing Fuel.

Bob and his wife Linda were amongst the members of the Cardas team who made the move from Southern California to Bandon, Oregon in 1992.

Bob passed away June 28th, 2023, in Bandon.

Cardas Racing Fuel ad.JPG

Prior to founding Cardas Audio, George Cardas was a race car driver and race team leader, and had his own blend of fuel. Bob Graham created this humorous illustration depicting George being placed into a fuel tank.

Old & New logo for wix.png

All Cardas conductors employ Golden Ratio scaled stranding. In fact, the Golden Ratio is employed in a number of our products, even our Myrtlewood blocks.


Bob created our Nautilus logo (original on the left, redesigned version on the right), which is not only instantly recognizable in our industry, but perfectly embodies this design principal.

Most of the artwork adorning the walls of the Cardas shop and office comes from Bob Graham.


George Cardas admiring a framed print of one of Bob's Cardas Audio advertisements.

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