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Manufacturer's Info

We produce chassis wire, bulk cable, connectors, and solder that are used in the production of some of the finest equipment in the audio industry. If you're a manufacturer that would like to join the Cardas family, please start by filling out our application form at this link

This page contains an overview of some of the Cardas products available to other manufacturers.


Greater detail on Cardas parts & connectors is available at this link.

Information about Cardas supplies such as solder & flux is available here.

If you have technical questions or need recommendations about the best Cardas products to use in your equipment, please contact Brian Von Bork at 541-347-2484, or send an email to


Copper & Silver Strand

Cardas Copper & Silver strand is produced using a proprietary method developed by George Cardas prior to the founding of Cardas Audio. Cardas Grade 1 Ultra Pure Copper is used in nearly all of our cables, and also by other cable & equipment manufacturers. In fact, there are laboratories in the US & Europe using our copper for its superior electrical and thermal conductive properties.

Cardas Grade 2 Copper is a more affordable variant, but still of extremely high quality, and produced using similar methods. Grade 2 can be found in our own 101 Speaker and Crosslink cables. Grade 2 is also used throughout the audio industry.

Cardas Silver is used in  Clear Beyond Headphone Cable, and is very popular with other high-end cable and electronics manufacturers.

Copper & Silver.png

We electrically etched away the outer layer of several copper strands manufactured using differing methods, to demonstrate that the perfect grain structure of Cardas Grade 1 extends below the surface.

copper - standard.png
copper - cast.png
copper - cardas.png

How to buy: Cardas copper & silver strand is typically sold by the pound, and long lead times may apply. We have a limited variety of gauges in house, If we have the AWG you want in stock, you may purchase as little or as much as you wish. However if you need a gauge of copper or silver that we do not have in stock, the minimum production run is between 200 and 800 pounds, depending on the gauge.

For even more reading about Cardas Copper, click here.

chassis wire for wix 2.png

Bulk Cable & Chassis Wire

Cardas bulk cable & chassis wire is sold by the foot. Or the meter, but you gotta do the math.


New manufacturer's accounts must meet a minimum opening order, but subsequent orders are not subject to minimums. 

Pricing for manufacturers is based on the quantity purchased, with price breaks at 25, 250, and 500 feet.

Click here for more information about Cardas bulk cable & chassis wire.

To apply for Cardas Audio's OEM program, please fill out the form at this link.

Traditional binding posts.png

Cardas Connectors

Cardas connectors are​ sold by the unit. New manufacturers must meet a minimum opening order, but subsequent orders are not subject to minimums. 

Pricing for manufacturers is based on quantity, with price breaks at 25 and 250 units.

Binding posts are a common cause of confusion! We often refer to a "unit" as a pair. A pair of binding posts is a positive & a negative post, with a rectangular insulator to hold them together.  So it's a "pair" in the same sense that pants are sold as "pairs".  For two speakers, you'll need two pairs of posts. Likewise, the back of a stereo amplifier would require two pairs of posts. 


The parts shown below are all single units. Order a quantity of one (1) of any of them, and you'll receive what you see in the image:

single unit parts.png
custom cable.png

Custom Cables

Cardas Audio can produce a custom cable for your company.

Custom cables have a minimum order quantity of at least 2000 feet, and may take up to 6 months to produce.

"Wow, that's a lot of cable and a long time to wait"

We agree. Welcome to the cable business. It's slow and expensive.

To produce a custom cable, we need a detailed design (an engineering drawing, preferably). We are not able to produce a cable based on a general description or vague specifications.

Due to the large minimum order quantity, associated costs, and long lead time, the vast majority of our customers accomplish what they need with our bulk cables or chassis wire.


If you have any questions about custom cable production, or how to utilize our bulk cable & chassis wire for your application, please contact Brian in our tech department at 541-347-2484.



Who qualifies for an OEM account?

We're pretty easy in this regard. New manufacturers, established manufacturers, start ups, big companies, small companies.... Moving from the garage to a full fledged facility? Or just a slightly larger garage? As long as you're intending to use our parts and/or materials in your productions, then you probably qualify. Our main requirement is that you meet our minimum opening (first) order of $500 USD or more.

What restrictions do you place on OEM customers?

Manufacturers may not re-sell Cardas items to retail customers. If you're running a store (online or physical), and want to sell our parts, bulk cables, and chassis wire, please apply as a store owner, not as a manufacturer. 

You may inform your customers that you are using Cardas products in your designs. We're happy for you to do that. 

However, please do not claim that your offerings are Cardas products. We have had manufacturers buy our wire & connectors, make their own cables, and sell those cables as Cardas Audio cables. Which is not really honest. That would be like buying a bunch of BMW parts, assembling a car of your own design, and claiming that it's a BMW.

Can I buy Cardas retail cables in bulk?

For the most part, no. The exceptions being 101 Speaker, and Crosslink Speaker & Crosslink Interconnect. Those are available both as finished, retail cables from Cardas, and also in bulk to OEM & DIY customers. The rest of our retail cables (Iridium, Parsec, Clear, etc.) are not available for purchase in bulk.

Can Cardas Audio help me design a custom cable, and then produce it for me?

We can provide suggestions, however if you want a bulk cable, but you're not sure how to design a cable, then you're far better off working with our bulk cable & chassis wire offerings. 

Can Cardas produce custom connectors or other parts for me?

Yes. If you want a connector that is similar to one we already produce, we can probably make the changes you require. If you want a custom connector that is nothing like what we already produce, then... maybe? Keep in mind that custom connectors (modifications or completely new designs) face a minimum order in the 1000's. And if it isn't something we can use ourselves, then you're on the hook for all of them. Much like with custom cables, nearly everybody is better off using connectors we already produce.

Can I buy non-Cardas connectors, such as Neutrik XLRs? Or Heatshrink?

No. We only sell our own parts & supplies. We use Neutrik & Furutech connectors on some of our cables. But we do not sell these items separately. By the same token, we use Heatshrink tubing on our cables, but we do not sell shrink tubing.

And before you ask, we absolutely do not sell Cardas logo heat shrink. 

Does (some company) use Cardas (parts/wire/stuff) in their products?

That's up to them to reveal that information. If they claim it, and you're not sure that they actually do, ask us and we'll let you know. But we do not provide the names of our customers to other customers.

Why did you stop making (some part)?

Demand, or lack thereof. We manufacture parts 1000 to 2000 units at a time. For some, such as our SRCA male RCA connector, we do that two or three times a year. For others, 1000 units might be a ten year supply. When we're nearing the end of a batch of parts that took 10 years to sell, we have to ask ourselves if it makes sense to do it again. And sometimes the answer is "nope".

What happened to lead-free Cardas roll solder?

Nobody wanted it so we stopped making it. Lead is deadly, but.... wow does it make good solder.

Is Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder considered a "silver" solder?

While it contains silver, we don't promote it as a silver solder. In fact, it was developed when we realized that silver solders weren't up to the task of terminating Cardas cables. Cardas Quad Eutectic outperforms silver-heavy solder, as it is a proprietary blend of silver, copper, tin, and lead. The four elements are in specific proportion to melt and solidify uniformly, cooling to a clean and shiny connection that lasts. 

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