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Frequency Sweep LP

The Ultimate Vinyl System Setup & Maintenance Tool

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The Cardas Frequency Sweep and Burn-in Record is a unique tuning tool for system set-up, diagnostics and maintenance. It was produced by George Cardas and mastered by Stan Ricker. The "Sweeper", in addition to the standard tones, includes relative and absolute polarity checks, vocal channel identification and frequency sweeps that ultrasonically clean the cartridge stylus and degauss the entire system. And, locked, pink noise grooves that repeat endlessly, blank plateaus, even a sync label to check platter speed. All on a 180 gram pressing with a smiling Stan cover. 

Format: 180 gram vinyl LP

Part number: P47.9

Download the PDF below for complete instructions:

Frequency sweeps are available on our website, for sweeping your system, and portable components.

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