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Frequency Sweeps

Clarifying Frequency Sweeps
The frequency sweeps from the Cardas Clarifier App are now available here on our website. Running a frequency sweep from time to time can degauss your system, from the electronics to the loudspeaker drivers, restoring clarity.

Play these frequency sweeps at a reasonable volume. The extremely low and high sections will be inaudible. You may not hear anything for the first several seconds, so don't boost the volume, as when it does become audible, you may damage your system if it's turned up too high.

You may want to forward to the 15 second mark on the long sweep, and the 5 second mark on the short sweep, to set your volume. Then start over from the beginning.
Long Frequency SweepCardas Audio
00:00 / 01:11
Short Frequency SweepCardas Audio
00:00 / 00:20
We also offer an LP with frequency sweeps and other tracks for setting up and maintaining your phono system.
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