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Banana Plugs

Gold binding nut for attaching spades or bare wire. Tapered hole at the back for soldering wire or stacking additional banana plugs. Spring loaded split tip for maxi- mum contact surface area and retention.

The CAB is a single banana. The CABD is a pair, joined with a removable plastic yoke.

These bananas can be terminated to a cable with solder, or used as a spade (or bare-wire) adapter. See gallery below for these applications.

Base metal: High copper content, non-magnetic brass


Plating: Silver/rhodium


Termination hole: 3 AWG/6mm/0.236”

Part numbers:

P40.9 for CABD (Dual bananas with spacer/insulator)

P40.2 for CAB (Single banana)

CABD vs CAB.png

Solderable single banana plug. Traditional spring loaded banana tip. Simple design can accommodate large or small wire.

Base metal: Non-magnetic brass


Plating: Nickle

Termination: 3 AWG/6.35mm/0.25”

Part Number: 


CABD for web.png
CABE Banana.png
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