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Why Can't I Find...?

Things you won't find on this site, and why.

Sometimes we get emails from people telling us that they're unable to find something that they're looking for on our website. It may be because they're looking in the wrong place. Or it may be because... we don't have it. Or sell it. Or do it. This page lists the things some people are looking for on our site, but that they'll never ever find. Like, ever.

An "Add to cart" button, shopping cart, a buy now button, etc.

This is not an e-commerce siteThis is an informational site, with details about our products,  links to contact us for more information, ​and a list of all of our dealers (physical & online) and distributors.  We don't sell directly on this site, or otherwise. Please click here for our dealer list.

Heat shrink

We use heat shrink tubing on most of our cables, however we buy it at retail, and so should you. You don't want to buy it from us. Nor can you.​

Heat shrink with the Cardas logo

We understand that some people re-terminate their own cables, and would like to retain the factory look by applying heat shrink featuring the Cardas logo. However, we reserve these printed heat shrink for ourselves, to indicate that the re-termination or repair was performed at our factory, thus retaining the lifetime warranty. ​

There are some online retailers, notably on less than scrupulous websites, offering what appears to be our logo'd shrink tubing. But it's counterfeit. Don't buy it. If you do your own repair or re-termination on a Cardas cable, own it. Be proud of your work. Don't pretend we did it. 

Neutrik XLRs, Furutech power connectors, and other non-Cardas brand connectors.

As with heat-shrink, we buy these parts at retail, and so should you. 

Headphone connectors for HiFiMan, Dan Clark Audio, Audeze, Focal, etc.

With the exception of Sennheiser HD800 & HD600/650 plugs, we don't make our own ​headphone connectors. If we don't make a connector, and have to buy it from another parts suppliers, we don't re-sell them.

Bulk power cable, un-terminated power cables, or partially terminated power cables.

The liability is just too high. A incorrectly wired DIY speaker or interconnect cable will, at worst blow an amp, or at best, just not work. But an improperly wired power cable... we don't want to even think about it.

​A power, speaker, interconnect, or digital cable, that uses silver conductors.

We produce extremely high quality silver wire, and it is used extensively in the audio industry. However, we do not use it ourselves. All of our cables use copper conductors. Why? In our experience, a well designed cable (such as... a Cardas cable) will outperform (ie, sound better) than a silver cable. And cost a fraction of the price.


Information about re-terminating or servicing my own cables.

Nearly 100% of Cardas cables that people attempt to re-terminate or repair themselves end up here anyway. Just send it to us. We're better at it than you. Get a Return Authorization number at the link at the top of this page.

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