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Bulk Cable & Chassis Wire

Cardas bulk cable & chassis wire is sold by the foot or meter, and can be found in some of the finest equipment in our industry, including speakers and electronic components. Manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts use these products in their products & projects.

Crosslink & 101 Speaker use our Grade 2 copper. All other bulk cables & chassis wire feature our Grade 1 Ultra Pure Copper. If you're not familiar with the techniques required for preparing Litz conductors, we suggest watching our series "Soldering With Jesus", starring our head terminator Jesus Ornelas. 


Description: Two 14 AWG conductors. Ideal for an entry-level, DIY speaker cable. Also suitable for pro PA speaker systems.


Description: Four 14 AWG conductors. Ideal for entry to mid-level 2-channel and AV surround sound systems. CL2 rated for running through walls.


Description: Two 20.5 AWG conductors with a shield. Perfect for entry to mid-level 2-channel & AV surround systems. Also suitable for professional PA systems.

Crosslink IC

Description: Two 23.5 AWG conductors, and two shields. This is perfect as a mic, instrument, or interconnect (XLR or RCA) in professional live or studio situations.


Description: Two 21.5 AWG conductors, and a shield. For use as an instrument cable, interconnect, DC cable, wiring the tweeter inside of a speaker, running signal inside of an amp or pre-amp... 


Description: A single 21.5 AWG conductors and a shield.


Description: Four 23.5 AWG conductors and shield. This is our go-to DIY headphone cable. Also great as an interconnect, or as an instrument cable.


Description: Two 15.5 AWG conductors (red & black jackets), twisted, and covered in a PVC jacket. Frequently used inside of loudspeakers to connect tweeters & mids, and in electronic equipment.

2x15 Twisted Pair

Description: Two 11.5 AWG conductors, twisted, and covered in a red or black PVC jacket. Frequently used inside of loudspeaker cabinets to connect the woofer, and in electronic equipment.

2x11 Twisted

Description: Four strands of our famous 33 AWG tonearm wire, PFE tape wrapped, shielded and jacketed. Ideal upgrade for your tonearm, from cartridge to the output.

33x4 Shielded

Description: A braid of four strands of our famous 33 AWG tonearm wire.

33x4 Braided

Description: A braid of our ultra high performance Clear tonearm wire.

34 AWG
Chassis Wire

Multistranded Litz chassis wire

chassis wire for wix 2.png

Description: All of our chassis wire features multiple strands of Cardas Grade 1 Ultra Pure Copper. We keep red & black chassis wire for each AWG in stock. Other colors may be available in some gauges.

Working with Litz wire requires a solder pot (although smaller gauges may be tinned using just a soldering iron). We suggest watching our video series "Soldering With Jesus", featuring our head terminator Jesus Ornelas, in the Educational Videos section of the site.

Chassis Wire Gauges

33 awg Tone Arm (Available in Green, Red, Blue, and White)

33 awg X 4 with shield

34x4 Clear Tonearm Cable

34x2 Clear Tonearm Cable

34 awg Clear Tonearm Cable

26.5 awg Chassis Wire

23.5 awg Chassis Wire

21.5 awg Chassis Wire

20.5 awg Chassis Wire

19.5 awg Chassis Wire

18.5 awg Chassis Wire

17.5 awg Chassis Wire

15.5 awg Chassis Wire

11.5 awg Chassis Wire

9.5 awg Chassis Wire

Copper & Silver.png

Copper & Silver Strand

Cardas Copper & Silver strand is produced using a proprietary method developed by George Cardas prior to the founding of Cardas Audio. Cardas Grade 1 Ultra Pure Copper is used in nearly all of our cables, and also by other cable & equipment manufacturers. In fact, there are laboratories in the US & Europe using our copper for its superior electrical and thermal conductive properties.

Cardas Grade 2 Copper is a more affordable variant, but still of extremely high quality, and produced using similar methods. Grade 2 can be found in our own 101 Speaker and Crosslink cables. Grade 2 is also used throughout the audio industry.

Cardas Silver is used in  Clear Beyond Headphone Cable, and is very popular with other high-end cable and electronics manufacturers.

Cardas Copper & Silver is sold by weight, rather than by the foot or meter. Large minimums & long lead times apply. Copper & Silver strand is not available through our dealers. If you're not sure if you should be considering Cardas Chassis Wire or bare copper or silver strand, the answer is Cardas Chassis Wire. If you're interesting in buying dozens or perhaps hundreds of pounds of copper or silver strand, contact Darla in our front office.

Comparing Copper

We electrically etched away the outer layer of several copper strands manufactured using differing methods, to demonstrate that the perfect grain structure of Cardas Grade 1 extends below the surface.

copper - standard.png
copper - cast.png
copper - cardas.png

How to buy: Cardas copper & silver strand is typically sold by the pound, and long lead times may apply. We have a limited variety of gauges in house, If we have the AWG you want in stock, you may purchase as little or as much as you wish. However if you need a gauge of copper or silver that we do not have in stock, the minimum production run is between 200 and 800 pounds, depending on the gauge.

For more in-depth reading about Cardas Copper, click here.

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