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Cardas Videos

Cool Cleveland's Cardas Interview @ AXPONA 2023

Thomas Mulready of visited our showroom at AXPONA and interviewed us about the rather unusual theme.

Cool Clevland
American Made: Cardas Clear Beyond

Jana Dagdagan from Darko Audio came to Bandon to produce this

awesome video about Cardas Audio for her American Made series.

American Made
George Cardas's Listening Room

We produced this video back in 2010 to play in our showroom at CES.

Listening Room
Cardas Cable Construction

This video depicts the production of a Cardas cable.

Cable Construction
Angela Cardas Interview

Interview with John Darko at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

Scenic Footage of Bandon, Oregon

Bandon is inconveniently located. Period. But this video might

help you understand why George moved Cardas Audio here in 1992.

Forged Spades

See how we terminate Cygnus, Reflection, Clear, and Clear Beyond Speaker Cables

Forged Spades
Cutting Open Forged Spades

See what happens when we cut open a forged termination

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