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Solder & Supplies

Description: A proprietary blend of copper, silver, tin, and lead.


Proprietary as in "please don't ask for the recipe because we're not telling, and we don't want it to get weird."

No other solder flows as well, solidifies as uniformly, sounds as good or provides as durable and long lasting solder joints. There's a reason Quad Eutectic is considered the best in audio, and is widely used outside of our industry as well.

Quad Eutectic Solder was developed in the early days of Cardas Audio when George Cardas realized that the available solders on the market - from hardware store grade to expensive silver-heavy solders - all had shortcomings that lead to degradation in sound quality & long-term reliability. He worked with an English metallurgist to arrive at the perfect blend of elements. 

The four elements in Quad Eutectic Solder are in specific proportion to melt and solidify at a temperature lower than that of any of the component metals! Thus the resultant joint is contiguous  from wire to connector rather than slurry - this provides a perfect and permanent connection that will never breakdown over time.

Quad Eutectic Solder has a rosin core, and has a melting point of 350º F (177º C). Available on 1/4 pound and 1 pound spools.

For soldering tips, check out our video series "Soldering With Jesus", starring our head-terminator Jesus Ornelas.  

Please note: The label on Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder is changed on occasion. If you have a spool with a label that differs from what you see on this page, that does not mean your solder is counterfeit. As long as you buy from an authorized dealer, you're getting genuine Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder, regardless of the label.

Part numbers:

P41.6 for 1 pound spool

P41.7 fo 1/4 pound spool

Used in solder pots to tin Litz wire, we offer both leaded and lead-free bar solder.

Leaded bar solder contains tin & lead, and has a melting point of 360º F (177º C). This is the same bar solder we use in the solder pots at Cardas Audio. Available in 2 pound bars.

Lead-free bar solder contains tin & copper, and has a melting point of 440º F (227º C). Available in 1 pound bars.

For soldering tips, check out our video series "Soldering With Jesus", starring our head-terminator Jesus Ornelas. 

Part numbers:

P41.1 for 2 pound leaded bar solder

P41.1 for 1 pound lead-free bar solder

Cardas Rosin Flux Solder Paste aids in the transfer of heat to help solder flow between conductor and connector.


Along with Cardas Bar Solder and Quad Eutectic Solder, this flux is used for terminating cables at Cardas Audio.

Part number:

P41.3 for 2 oz container

Contact Conditioner

Cardas contact conditioner is a contact enhancer. Use in small quantities to both enhance and lubricate connections. Apply with a small brush or Q-tip to only the conductive surface. Do not apply to any non conductive components. Not for use on power cable connectors. Not recommended for use on TS, TRS, TRRRS, or any other type of multi-surface headphone plug.

Cardas Contact Conditioner is not for use on power or USB plugs.

In all applications, avoid over-use. Apply conditioner, then wipe off excess. Never insert a connector that is dripping with conditioner, or wet to the touch.

Part number:

P50.2 for 3 milliliter bottle

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