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Make Contact With Cardas Audio

Cardas Audio is open Monday through Thursday, 9am-4pm Pacific, and Friday 9am-3pm.

To call, dial 541-347-2484. Address emails to

Our staff directory is below:

Brian Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Brian for:
• Product Questions
• Tech Support
• Dealer / OEM Inqueries

Darla for wix.png
Darla Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Darla for:
• Re-terminations
• Repairs
• Invoices & Accounting

Angela for wix.png
Angela Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Angela for:
• Trade Show Coordination
• Advertising


staff - kimmie.png
Kimmie Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Kimmie for:
• Placing orders
• Paying for orders & re-terminations

• Order status updates (dealers only) 

Josh for wix.png
Josh Cardas

Contact Josh for:
• Josh doesn't have a phone
• He can't help you with anything
• Call Brian, Kimmie, Darla, or Angela

All Cardas products are sold through dealers. If you have placed an order through your dealer and would like an update on its status or ETA, please contact the dealer directly. Our invoicing system only tracks orders by the name of the dealer.  We are not able to look up the name (or any details of an order) of an end-user and provide a status update.

In other words, if "John Smith" orders a cable through "HiFi Dealer", our system only knows that "HiFi Dealer" has ordered a cable. And "HiFi Dealer" may have several orders in-house at one time. So if Mr. Smith calls Cardas Audio and inquires about the status of their order, we are not able to search by his name.

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