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Make Contact With Cardas Audio

Cardas Audio is open Monday through Thursday, 9am-4pm Pacific, and Friday 9am-3pm.

To call, dial 541-347-2484. Address emails to

Our staff directory is below:

Brian Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Brian for:
• Product Questions
• Tech Support
• Dealer / OEM Inqueries

Darla for wix.png
Darla Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Darla for:
• Re-terminations
• Repairs
• Invoices & Accounting

Angela for wix.png
Angela Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Angela for:
• Trade Show Coordination
• Advertising


staff - kimmie.png
Kimmie Cardas

541-347-2484 or

Contact Kimmie for:
• Placing orders
• Paying for orders

• Order status updates 

Josh for wix.png
Josh Cardas

Contact Josh for:
• Josh doesn't have a phone
• He can't help you with anything
• Call Brian, Kimmie, Darla, or Angela

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