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Quadlink X


Quadlink X Speaker


The original Quadlink speaker cable launched in the mid 80's was one of Cardas Audio's most successful products. It stood the test of time. Quadlink X speaker was designed to offer better performance in all areas. Bigger bass, more detail, more richness. Quadlink X uses a similar geometry with a modified star-quad, larger air tubes, larger conductors, and advanced dielectrics. Quadlink X speaker is suitable for virtually any amp and speaker combination including those with difficult loads.

In spite of exceeding our performance goals, Quadlink X became a victim of bad timing, as we had developed Cross speaker cable at the same time, and the two would have occupied similar price & performance points. So we shelved Quadlink X for the time being. Cross being long retired, we decided we'd release Quadlink X into the wild. The supply sold fast, with the only remaining Quadlink X being available through our dealer Music Direct.

Standard Terminations: CABE banana


Design/Construction: Conductors: Grade 1, 99.9999% pure OFHC with SPN clear coat(Litz), gauge sizes scaled to Golden Ratio proportions. Cross-fieldlayer geometry, insulated in a FEP jacket.Geometry: Star-quad with teflon air tubes. PVC outer jacket.

Geometry: Twisted pair with natural cotton filler bound with FEP tape wrap. Tin plated copper spiral shield, PVC outer jacket.


Gauge: 4X11.5 AWG

Outside Diameter: .5"/13mm

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