Bulk Cable & Chassis Wire

Cardas chassis wire uses the same ultra pure copper, Golden Ratio stranded litz wire found in all Cardas cables.

If you haven't worked with Litz conductors, please visit our Litz Wire Info page:

Cross section of 9 AWG

Cardas Chassis Wire

All Cardas chassis wires use multi-stranded copper in a colored jacket.

NOTE: Cardas manufactures Litz conductors. These conductors have an enamel coating on each strand that must be removed. This is best achieved using flux and a solder pot to tin the ends. This page features a video showing this technique. Failure to properly tin the wires will result in a conductor that does not perform correctly.

As an added measure of quality control, the enaml coating on a portion of our copper strands is dyed a specific color, according to gauge. This enables us to verify that each conductor is properly constructed. A production run of any given Cardas chassis wire or bulk cable may contain copper strands with both clear and dyed enamel coating. The dye has no effect on the conductor's performance.

33 awg Tone Arm

33 awg X 4 with shield

34x4 Clear Tonearm Cable

34x2 Clear Tonearm Cable

34 awg Clear Tonearm Cable

26.5 awg Chassis Wire

23.5 awg Chassis Wire

21.5 awg Chassis Wire

20.5 awg Chassis Wire

19.5 awg Chassis Wire

18.5 awg Chassis Wire

17.5 awg Chassis Wire

15.5 awg Chassis Wire

11.5 awg Chassis Wire

9.5 awg Chassis Wire

1 X 21.5 awg Coax

2 X 24 awg

2 X 23.5 awg with shield

2 X 21.5 awg with shield

3 X 20.5 awg twisted triad

3 X 10 awg in-wall power

4 X 24 awg with shield

8 X 24 awg Network (solid core)

20 awg X 2 twisted pair with jacket

15 awg X 2 twisted pair with jacket

11 awg X 2 twisted pair with jacket

20.5 awg taped

11.5 awg taped

11 awg X 2 taped

11 awg X 4 taped

Cardas Bulk Cables

A cable contains one or more conductors, may or may not include a shield and/or other materials (PTFE tape, cotton dielectric, etc.), and has an outer jacket.

Bulk Cable refers to cable we sell by the foot, without any termination or preparation. Short lengths are coiled & placed in a bag. Longer lengths are sold on a spool.

This list shows all of the bulk cables we have available.

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Chassis wire or copper/silver stranding?

Chassis wire is multi-stranded copper, with a colored outer jacket. It is often used inside of speakers and electronic devices, such as amplifiers. Chassis wire is sold by the foot, and most gauges are in stock. You are on the correct page for this product.

Copper and silver stranding (Cardas Metals) is just that - spooled up strands of pure copper or silver, available in various AWG's, coated or uncoated. Strands are used by customers making their own cables, or winding transformer coils. Stranding is sold by the pound, and lead times depend on the AWG. Click here for our metals page.