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A Look Into The Past

Discontinued Cardas Products


One of the earliest Cardas cable lines, Hexlink went through many variants in its lifespan. There was Hexlink, Hexlink Five Series, and Hexlink Golden 5C to name a few. In their time, Hexlink cables were our top-of-the-line performers. However many technical advancements over the years has allowed our entry & mid-level cables to outperform them. We'd suggest looking at Iridium or Parsec if you're considering Hexlink, but would rather get something newer.

Also be aware that there are a lot of fake Hexlink cables out there. We've had good luck with eBay removing fraudulent Hexlink cables. Aliexpress, however, has nothing but fakes, and refuses to address the issue. Click here to read more about counterfeit Cardas cables.


Another classic dating to the early days of Cardas, the Quadlink cables were discontinued with the release of the Parsec cable line. Quadlink included interconnect, speaker, and power cables. Parsec took similar design geometries, and incorporated higher performing conductors. 


Cross cables sat just below our then flagship Golden Cross. There were Cross interconnect, speaker, and power cables. 

Golden Cross

One of the most sought after second-hand Cardas cables, Golden Cross remained at the top of our cable line for many years. Revered for its warmth, musicality and richness, Golden Cross cables command high prices on the used market. Golden Cross included an interconnect and speaker cable. A closely associated power cable, Golden Power, was also offered. 

Today, somebody seeking a cable with similar characteristics should consider Clear Reflection.

Neutral Reference

This was one of the first Cardas cables to break away from the "warm" end of the spectrum, in favor of - as the name implies - total neutrality. Neutral Reference included an interconnect, phono, and speaker cable. There was even a video cable. Remember those? In our current product line, both Clear Sky and Clear Cygnus occupy similar price points once held by Neutral Reference, with improved performance. 

Golden Presence

Seated between Neutral Reference and Golden Reference, Golden Presence never caught on a best seller. An excellent combination of neutrality and musicality, most people either spent a little less and got Neutral Reference, or splurged on Golden Reference. Typical middle-child syndrome. But a great cable if you can find it on the second hand market. Golden Presence included an interconnect and speaker cable. As with Neutral Reference, modern day cables in a similar price & performance range include Clear Sky and Clear Cygnus.

Golden Reference

The cable that unseated Golden Cross as the king of Cardas cables. Combining the magical richness of Golden Cross with the neutrality of Neutral Reference, Golden Reference is still a great cable by modern standards, and remains at the heard of many spectacular stereo systems. Golden Reference included interconnect, speaker, power, and phono cables.

To create Clear Reflection, we borrowed the geometry of Golden Reference, and incorporated our Matched Propagation conductors.

Clear Light

After developing Matched Propagation Conductors and creating Clear interconnect and speaker cables, George Cardas worked on a way of bringing similar performance to a lower price point. Coming up with a simplified conductor design, he made Clear Light interconnect and speaker cable. And eventually Clear Light headphone cable. Further developing and improving upon this conductor design lead to Clear Sky and Clear Cygnus.

Unfortunately, Clear Light counterfeits have infiltrated the second-hand market. Unlike most counterfeits, these really look correct. Including the packaging and product literature. These fool us in pictures, and even in person... until we cut them open. What's inside is garbage wire. But on the outside, it all looks legit. So be very careful when considering second-hand Clear Light interconnect and speaker cables.

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